One More Christmas at the Castle – Trisha Ashley

What better way to start your Christmas reading in August than with the latest from Trisha Ashley. If there was a book I wanted to disappear into and become part of the story, interact with characters and even live in the castle this was the one.

Mitras Castle current owner Sabine Powys knows that this will be her last Christmas there and she wants it to one to remember; the past traditions, the past glorious food and games and it also seems the weather is going to provide them all with a winter wonderland as well.

To achieve this though she is going to have to employ some help and enter “Heavenly Houseparties” – Dido and Henry that pretty much cater for your every needs. Whether that be cooking and cleaning, to those little touches, such as flower arranging and creating seed cake. They are selective in where they go and who they work for, but that has enabled them to be picky and work only a few times a year. What the perfect job!

With any old castle there are plenty of secrets to discover and the wonderful cast of characters that are invited to stay. We learn not just about the characters present but also their past and how they all come to be invited to Christmas at the castle.

When Dido arrives at the castle and gets to know the grounds that bit more, she finds affinity with the place, as if she has been there before. As more of Sabine’s family arrive and other waif and strays including Xan, an old school friend of Henry’s and a former crush for Dido. It looks like this is a Christmas that everyone is going to remember.

Throughout the book we are treated to what some might see as the minutiae of domestic help life, but for me it was simply glorious to absorb yourself into such fine detail. That “upstairs downstairs” element that has always fascinated many people for years, me included. Especially in such modern times.

Trisha Ashley’s Christmas novels are always a hit with me and this one is no exception. Pure Christmas escapism with plenty of mulled wine and mince pies to keep you full up at any time of the year.

The perfect book for Christmas and one that is worthy of a reread for many Christmases to come!

Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book.

One More Christmas at the Castle is published 11 November 2021.

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