The Cosy Cottage in Ireland – Julie Caplin

What is nicer than a cosy cottage to shut yourself away in and recharge the batteries and think about the future. But for Hannah, it is anything but. Whilst she might be thinking about her future she has come away to Killorgally Cookery School in County Kerry. Hannah is not a cook and coming away on her own, taking a break from her job as a lawyer in Manchester is all very not like Hannah.

On a stop over in Dublin, Hannah does something else not very Hannah like, but it is a night to remember and surely she won’t ever see Connor again. That is until she turns up at the Cookery School and finds that what happened in Dublin is going to follow her everywhere.

Connor it turns out is someone everyone knows worldwide and Hannah must be the last person on the planet not recognise him. Hannah tries to focus on the cooking, along with a great mix of fellow pupils, but this is no ordinary cookery school. This place gets right under your skin, they learn about where the food comes from, the joys of growing and picking fresh and local. Julie Caplin yet again, gets to the heart or should that be stomach of every reader as she leaves wanting to throw down the book and go cooking ourselves!

The setting of Ireland was a gem, they don’t call it the emerald isle for nothing. The green of the countryside, the relentless weather and the rolling waves as well as the local celebrity and this time it is not Connor! We really get to experience Ireland without leaving our homes.

There is some sort of issue with Killorgally Cookery School and their immediate neighbours and it seems that Hannah somehow unwittingly becomes embroiled in the disagreement. It takes a while for the answer to become obvious and Hannah then becomes the catalyst that makes everyone at the School take to the fields and make a stand.

Is Hannah a different person in Ireland or is Ireland having a profound affect on Hannah, only the actions of those around her are going to give her the answers she is looking for.

This is another winner from Julie Caplin and warmed my heart on the dampest of days wherever you are in the world. If you want romance, food and travel then any of this series of books will tick all those boxes. I can’t wait to go travelling again.

Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book.

The Cosy Cottage in Ireland is out now.