The Little Christmas House – Tracy Rees

Tracy Rees first branched out into more contemporary fiction earlier this year and we have returned to the village of Hopley that she introduced us to in this her second novel and one with a very Christmassy feel.

Edward and Eliza, have moved into The Christmas House, on the edge of the village of Hopley. A world away from their house in Leeds, but not that far from Edward’s parents. The house doesn’t really live up to it’s name but Edward is determined that this will be home. Eliza simply loves it, but then when you see the world through an eight year olds eyes you can easily forget all the other stuff in the world.

But what is Edward and his delightful sparky little daughter’s real story.

Perhaps teacher Holly Hanwell will be able to get to the bottom of it. Eliza is in her class and she welcomes her in knowing that there was some problem at her previous school. Holly is embracing Christmas as she always does for the little village school she works in and it is through this she discovers more about Eliza.

But Holly is hiding from something herself – she is about to spend Christmas alone because the man she thought she would marry has left and his expecting a baby with his new love. Something that Holly could never do. Holly is hurting and needs some magic, some Christmas magic.

When Holly and Edward’s paths keep crossing it seems that they both have the main aim to help Eliza have a magical Christmas and perhaps that magic will rub off on them too.

As we learn more about their story we are introduced to Edward’s rather domineering mother who has ideas of her own about her son should be raising his child. Holly finds herself drawn to her neighbours and the changing of the seasons to understand that she can regrow and start again with a new life.

The story is split into the points of view of both Holly and Edwards but also Eliza who seems so wise beyond her years. I loved to be able to enjoy each of their stories and how they then started to weave together in another joyful story from this author. I immediately warmed to the ineptness of Edward as a father and shed a tear with Holly over her future. But without a doubt for me as well as I think Edward and Holly, Eliza had her observations spot on and that actually we should all be more Eliza in life. Enjoying the glitter of life no matter the problems it might be covering up. The glitter will always shine through.

This book shines through as a great Christmas read and should be on everyone’s list.

Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book.

The Little Christmas House is out now.