Christmas Surprises at Mermaid Point – Sarah Bennett

This little novella, is like a Christmas Present from Sarah Bennett for fans of all her books, but most importantly if you have fallen in love with Mermaids Point and everyone that lives there.

Here we are taken back to some of the characters we know well – Jake and Laurie, the main story of the first book. Laurie busy running her little café in the run up to Christmas, with some help from Jake, when he is not writing for the local newspaper are both stunned when Jake’s mother gives them an option for them to consider for their future.

Laurie’s brother Nick, has still not got over the Aurora who swept into his life and Mermaids Point in the first book and the ghost of her has been hovering for a while

Nerissa and Tom are finding their feet as a couple and Nerissa is finding her role as stepmother and friend to his children. Christmas can be a difficult time so it seems.

Alec, Tom’s brother rocks up and flirt unashamedly with everyone, including Laurie’s friend Ivy. It seems that there is something about Ivy. But Ivy has to deal with the immediate future and her mum, she hasn’t got time for distractions.

Andrew Morgan, the patriarch of the Morgan family, Laurie and Nick’s father; Nerissa brother loves everyone to be around at Christmas. What better way is there to spend your time with all those who you love and cherish whether they be family of friends. As his children fly the nest what is going to be next for him and Sylvia.

This book gives us the reader a glimpse into the lives of those we have got to know, but also hints at the stories that are yet to come and I can see at least two if not three that could be bubbling away here. Could Mermaids Point be part of our lives for a while longer?

A perfect taste of Mermaids Point and the enjoyment there is to be had by visiting. It is lovely to be able to catch up with the people and the place in between full stories. More authors need to do this!

Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book.

Christmas Surprises at Mermaids Point is out today.

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