A Bookshop Christmas – Rachel Burton

Young widow Megan Taylor is looking forward to Christmas and hopes that perhaps she can keep her family’s bookshop ticking over for another year. Perhaps if she has a famous well known author for a signing event that might make the tills ring!

Trouble is the author in question, Xander Stone is rather an arrogant and self- cantered individual with exacting requirements and certainly doesn’t want to be associated near the romance books in the shop.

Immediately getting the back up of Megan with his immediate dislike of all things romance, Megan suddenly wakes up from where her life is and realises if she doesn’t do something soon she is not going to do anything in her life anymore. And the first thing to do is prove to Xander Stone that romance novels are in fact not trashy words written on the page and worthy of consideration.

Of course it seems that Xander has a romance secret all of his own and it is certainly not what Megan is expecting, although I could see it coming a mile off! With Christmas round the corner and the bookshop about to be taken away from Megan, it seems that perhaps she needs to take a few risks.

Something about the book didn’t work for me, it felt like a couple of stories woven to make one. The Die-Hard Romance Book Club held at the bookshop had some great characters not really explored, the Regency Christmas party seemed very left field and the romance between the two main protagonists was a bit too forced for my liking. All of this meant I perhaps didn’t warm to the book like I could have done. However, others will love it I am sure, so don’t let one persons opinion put you off.

Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book.

A Bookshop Christmas is out now.