The Chateau – Catherine Cooper

Aura and Nick have bought a chateau in France, it needs a lot of work but then so it seems does their marriage. They have to stay together because of the children. And they don’t ever mention what happened in England.

The community they move to has many expats and they are welcomed into this community. But one of the parties seems rather more than Aura and Nick bargained for.

Then the next party a dead body is found.

Nothing is as it seems and can anyone be trusted?

But then can Aura and Nick be trusted? What really happened in England and will that have any bearing on what seems to be going on in this French Chateau.

With plenty of twists and turns and the events in England you start to from your own opinion about this married couple until the inevitable happens?

Can you find the truth?

For me this was a fast paced, page turner which whizzed backwards and forwards from events in France and whatever happened to add the background of England. I despised the characters but that doesn’t mean I disliked the book. The skill in creating and writing people who you cannot bring yourself to like but still need to know more about is not easy. It can go two ways, readers sometimes don’t like it. For me I loved it.

A good second book and I would love to see what this author comes up with next as she definitely has the skill of hooking you in to a plot and some great characters.

Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book.

The Chateau is out now