The Little Island Secret – Emma Davies

Abby is a single mother to Beth, living above a bookshop in Cambridge. They have a happy life, the bookshop is a safe haven for them both and the place where you can find both of them with their noses stuck between the pages of a book.

But are they both hiding from something?

Beth is at that difficult age at school and it seems that being unique is what makes her a target for bullies.

Abby is facing pressure from her mother to find the right man and settle down, giving up this bookshop nonsense.

It is the bookshop nonsense which changes Abby and Beth’s lives forever.

A correspondence began when Cam, contact Abby about a book. Then emails arrived about the life on the remote Scottish Island, Kinlossay where Cam lives. A place in a million miles away from the life Abby is currently leading. When the correspondence, results in a fleeting visit, it seems both Abby and Beth have found something in a man to bring out the best in both of them.

Then the correspondence suddenly stops. Cam has passed away. Abby is bereft.

Abby decides a trip to Kinlossay is what is needed for both of them, to be close to Cam again and see this beautiful island for real described so colourfully in Cam’s letters.

Upon arrival, she sees someone the identical image of Cam – but it can’t be him if he is dead? So who is this pretender? What is the real truth behind all of these people on this island? Has Abby just set herself up for my heartbreak and misery not just for herself but her daughter too?

I found this novel much like the author’s earlier works and they are the ones that I enjoyed the most. Strong female friendships, romance and the need to find the truth no matter how hard it is going to be finding it out. Added to that the bonus of a bookshop and an island to escape to, it has all the perfect ingredients of a great book to hold your attention.

I was simply swept away with the plot and wept with the characters as hearts are broken and healed. The landscape made me want to grab a load of books and head across the seas to escape into them and the beauty of the place brought to life by the author.

Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book.

The Little Island Secret is out now.