Sunlight over Crystal Sands – Holly Martin

Holly Martin is taking us back to Jewel Island again and I think this might be my favourite story so far….

Lyra has dreamed of living on Jewel Island since she was small and visited it’s beaches. Years later she has her ideal job and is living in a gorgeous little cottage. Embracing the more carefree aspect of life that she rarely does, Lyra sets out to explore on her bicycle.

However a slight mishap has her landing at the feet of Nix, who gets rather more than he bargained for upon their first meeting. But there is something familiar between these two and the attraction becomes too much for them both…….

…after waking, Lyra discovers that Nix has disappeared and that perhaps the most special night of her life has just been all a con. She knows she should not have abandoned her heart to someone and vows to never make the mistake again with anyone, especially Nix.

It seems though that circumstances are going to bring them much closer together and that there may be more adventures ahead for Lyra and Nix.

As ever Holly Martin brings us a sparkling novel which is full of romance and adventure. Regular visitors to Jewel Island will be pleased to know that previous characters make an appearance and of course the hotel plays a part as it does with all the previous novels.

We are swept along with the possibility of the future for Lyra and when she learns more about herself you see her at a cross roads on this adventure map and you are just hoping that she takes the right path and finds what she has been pining after but not willing herself to give herself over to. Sometimes you don’t need a map to find the treasure when it has been with you all of your life.

If you need to escape then these novels are a must full of life, love and lust and just the tonic you need to bring some shiny sparkly loveliness into your life.

Thank you to the author who kindly provided me with a copy of this book in return for an honest review. I have received nothing in return and the only thing I give is the recommendation to read this book.