The Wife Who Got A Life – Tracy Bloom

Cathy is a mum, a wife, a daughter and a sister but she doesn’t seem to be Cathy anymore. So she decides she needs to change her life and change it now.

When her husband makes the decision that he wants to change his career from management consultant to teacher thinking he has something to share with them all, Cathy is horrified.

So if she wants to change herself she needs to make sure everyone around her changes as well – not only is Cathy going to get a life so is her whole family. With some rather hilarious motivation goals for achievement, we go through as Cathy finds herself a cook. She isn’t much of a cook and for everyone to survive she needs someone else to do the cooking.

Cathy finds herself with a few new book-keeping clients and with her mum approach to some of these new start ups, she gets the acknowledgment she has perhaps been missing all of her life.

Showing her daughter, Kirsty what first love was all about and her son Freddie, what would happen if he didn’t do well were other achievements she could tick off her list. If someone could have told her you don’t need to have periods anymore years earlier then I think she might have achieved more. Her relationships with her sisters, mainly conducted over various named WhatsApp groups made me chuckle as they decide between them who should be buying the toilet roll for their parents!

I found this book very humorous but it did come across simply as someone who changed their life and in some cases some of those around them as well. It did not have a beginning, middle or end which linked. It was like a snapshot out of a year of Cathy’s life, what any diary would be I suppose. Perhaps because I am neither, wife, mother or sister I could not relate to it as much as some readers? However it was a great diversion from some of the bleakness of late and if you want a funny read then it will tick that off the list for you!

Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book.

The Wife Who Got a Life is out now.

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