The Little Orchard on the Lane – Tilly Tennant

Posy arrives in Somerset with her mum Carmel, to discover something about her past. Posy was adopted as a baby and when a letter arrives telling her about her real family, she sets out to discover what she can.

Meeting Uncles, Giles and Asa is a bit intimidating as they knew nothing of her existence as she did of theirs, but with barriers broken down and the countryside a place to breathe and escape, a relationship starts to form.

Posy falls in love with the area, the orchard that her family has, the apples produced for the cider making. The landscape seems to sweep Posy away and she gets the chance to embrace village life. However her presence is not welcomed by everyone and when she comes across Lachlan in all his glory in a neighbouring field, a rather frosty relationship begins.

Disappointingly for me this book took a long time to get going, if it really did. Little was made of Posy’s inheritance that she sweeps away so quickly. There seemed to be whisperings between the other characters that suggested intrigue but it never amounted to anything and seemed to fizzle out. It plodded along.

I have found in recent years Tilly Tennant’s books can be a bit hit and miss (for me) and that this one falls into the latter category. It felt like there could have been two better books amalgamated into one here and I finished the book feeling rather flat. It had more potential than it delivered.

Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book.

The Little Orchard on the Lane is out now.

I struggle with myself when writing that a book just simply did not do it for me. I feel bad as I know how hard an author would have worked to get that book out there, but I know not all books can be for everyone. It just doesn’t make it any easier to review them. Perhaps I shouldn’t review them?