A Taste of Home – Heidi Swain

Heidi Swain takes me and you back to Wynbridge where we have been many times before. You might be in the lucky position to have never visited before and therefore I envy the joy you will have getting to know Skylark Farm, Cherry Tree Café or experience the off Christmas or two there! I urge you to catch up if you have never done before.

It is summer and the smell of the strawberries tastes sweet on the air and Fliss Brown having discovered she has a family in Wynbridge makes the journey from an Italian Fruit Farm where she has spent most of her life.

She discovers a grandfather who is not well, a farm starting to become run down, and desire to put down roots somewhere that means something. With the knowledge of what she has learnt whilst in Italy she soon settles into life in Wynbridge and starts to make friends and gets a feel of how this community works.

As some ideas bubble for Fliss to be able to bring the fruit farm back to making a profit, the most obvious one is not going to be without its setbacks as it seems some people are not destined to be Fliss’s friend after all.

A lovely warm novel that takes you through the delights of a summer in the strawberry fields and with the possibility that romance is found where you may perhaps least expect it and that even when you harvest it is still possible to put roots down.

This novel works well as a standalone and if you have prior knowledge to the books previous then of course you will find some familiar faces and places. This is the beauty of Heidi’s novels they are full of such community that it you are taken away and try to find where your place would be in it.

A book full of sunshine and therefore prescribed for everyone.

Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book.

A Taste of Home is published on 29th April.