Summer Kisses at Mermaids Point – Sarah Bennett

When you want some warmth to your soul and heart then I would always  recommend picking up a Sarah Bennett novel. And in her latest you are whisked away to Mermaid’s Point where you can get some warmth to your skin as well!

Laurie Morgan runs a small café, next door to a gift shop that her parents run, her brother Nick can be found on the tour boats in this delightful costal village and her aunt can also be found popping into help in the café. A real family feel to this book and I am sure in subsequent books we will get to know more about them all.

Suddenly Mermaids Point is the focus of a lot of media attention, when it seems that a video of a mermaid goes viral on the internet, and there is suddenly a lot of interest in this mythical creature. Of course when the village has a mermaid in its name it seems that perhaps those folk tales of the past might be true?

Jake Smith moves to the village, temporarily on the pretence of writing a book, but really to discover more about this mermaid sighting. After some rather hard hitting journalism, his editor thinks this could be a way of stepping back for a  bit. to get close to the truth, he needs to not be a tourist but more of a local and he finds himself drawn to Laurie, like a mermaid calling out a seductive call to lure sailors.

However as Jake gets close to the truth about the mermaid sightings and then even even closer to Laurie it seems that he is going to have to make some decisions about which truths are going to be the ones he reveals.

A wonderful escapist novel, which sweeps you away to the seaside, that takes you for a paddle in the waters, to the mouth watering cakes of Laurie’s café as the well as the warmth of the community environment and the strength of family. This book has so many layers of warmth that you will never feel cold reading it!

Fabulous read.


Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book. 

Summer Kisses at Mermaid Point is published today!