The Littlest Library – Poppy Alexander

Who can resist a library and especially one in a telephone box and so who could resist a whole book about one.

Jess is content with her life, she dare not hope for anything else because if she does it will be taken away from her. Having lost her parents at an early age, she grew up with Mimi her wonderful grandmother, but now Mimi has gone and Jess has lost her job in the local library she is all alone in the world.

Jess decides to up sticks and move to a ramshackle cottage in a country village, bringing all the important things with her from the past, including boxes of her Grandmother’s books.

What she doesn’t realise that along with the cottage comes a little red telephone box and Jess decides that it would make a lovely little library and give a place for her grandmothers books and share the joy of reading.

As the library opens, everyone local from the village comes to sue, borrowing books they once loved, once shared with a loved one and ones that are new to them. Each borrower becomes drawn back to the library and Jess starts to make friends with some of the eccentric locals. Everyone likes Jess to their heart, but for Aidan she is somewhat of a nuisance, from the very first point she met him. What is worse, is they are now neighbours? Not a good start to Jess’s new life in the country.

With Jess looking to the future after some rather false starts in life, she thinks that this village might be the place to put down roots, but when the library might have to close and her job prospects don’t look good, let alone her love life. It seems that Jess was only passing through his village?

This is my first Poppy Alexander novel, but won’t be my last. A very gentle quiet tale about people finding their true selves, whether that be Jess or many of the other characters within the novel. It has a great sense of place and a community feel and just the sort of book you need to give you that lovely warm feeling!

Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book.

The Littlest Library is out now.

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