Ice Creams at Emerald Cove – Holly Martin

This is our third visit to Jewel Island and this time we are spending some time fulfilling all of our ice cream dreams in Cones at the Cove. This is the concept of Skye one of the three sisters we were introduced to back in book one. She has a creative talent for ice cream flavours and toppings and loves to share it with everyone she loves.

The trouble is her love is complicated. Jesse, the man she loves and was briefly married to lives in Canada and has a daughter from a previous marriage. Their friendship comes with benefits whenever they meet up but can Skye give her heart to someone when they cannot fully commit to her?

What is holding them both back?

Skye throws herself into reinvigorating a former Pudding Parade and it is an easy solution to invite Jesse over to help with baking of the famous rhubarb pie which is paraded through the island. The recipe calls for a secret ingredient and amongst all the heartache and souls searching Skye finds herself drawn to the last time that the parade took place and the recipe book of the former owner of Cones at the Cove.

It seems there is a mystery to be solved and that somehow it also involves a regular hotel guest, Sylvia who features in previous stories. Will all of those loose ends and links come to the perfect solution for the pudding parade, Cones at the Cove and Skye?

This is another sizzling tale from Holly Martin, one that will melt you heart as well as your ice cream when you get to those hot moments between some of the main characters. The descriptive language to bring this Cornish cove to life is wonderful and you are transported to blue skies, diamond clear waters and sparkling characters.

The perfect recipe to escape every day life without all the calories. If you want a book (or series of books) to transport you away then look not further than Holly Martin’s dazzling tales of the residents of Jewel Island.

Thank you to the author who kindly provided me with a copy of this book in return for an honest review. I have received nothing in return and the only thing I give is the recommendation to read this book. 

Ice Creams at Emerald Cove is out now. 

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