Home on Folly Farm – Jane Lovering

Dora has been quite happy for the past decade, tending her flock. Around 100 rare breed sheep on a farm in deepest Yorkshire on a farm that has always been in the family.

Her peace is shattered though when her precious sister, Cass and son Hawthorn, known more to his vlog followers as Thor and his tutor Nat descend, whilst her parents build an extension for Cass to live in.

Trouble is Cass and Dora haven’t really seen eye to eye for a long time and whilst all their parents energy was spent on Cass once she was pregnant, it seems that Dora just disappeared into a mix of parties and some rather unsavoury habits and ended up running away to the farm where she finally found contentment.

Cass can’t believe Dora lives like does.

Dora can’t believe that Cass still lives at home with her parents and treats her twelve year old son as if he was a breakable bit of china.

Life on the farm is going to be a wake up call from them all.

Then there is Nat, he is strangely familiar to Dora and it seems the past she left behind has just arrived into her farmyard.

As the book goes on we learn how these diverse characters have to all get along together somehow. They have to when there isn’t anywhere they can pop to on a whim, the pot holed track can ruin even the best suspension, there is the threat of sheep hustlers, of lustful vets and lambing sheep to keep them and us entertained.

I really enjoyed this book, you are thrown in straight away to farm life and have to get on board and get along for the ride, unlike Cass who was the most annoying and irritating character I have read about for a long time – and I loved her. Of course as the book goes on you can see how events have her shaped her and perhaps you might get to warm to her, but god she was fabulously annoying! Thor was a great representation of that teenager deep in the world of social media and whilst it did have it’s benefits it perhaps shows how some youngsters (and even there parents) think that is where the future is. Scary!

This was the first time reading this author and I devoured the book, it was light and serious and humorous and sad all in equal measure and was the perfect antidote to everything in life at the moment. An upbeat read at the perfect time for me.


Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book. 

Home on Folly Farm is published on 16th March.