Finding Love at Mermaid Terrace – Kate Forster

Tressa has found her niche in Port Lowdy, in a brightly coloured cottage by the sea. She has a part time job at the local newspaper and spends the rest of her days painting and battling with her cat, Ginger Pickles.

Dan is angry, angry is his job title in Dublin on a newspaper. But when a journalistic story goes wrong Dan finds himself out of a job, out of his home and with only his dog for company nothing else to live for.

He needs to escape, when a part time journalist role comes up at the local paper in Port Lowdy he thinks this will be the furthest he can get form Dublin so he can reassess want he wants from life and can not tax his brain too much reporting on local issues.

What Dan did not bank on was Tressa.

What Tressa did not bank on was Dan.

Both with strong personalities and ways of doing things,  these two clash quite early on, but as readers we can see the sparks fly off the page between them and it doesn’t take long for cupid to weave her magic. But Tressa is not one for looking at herself too deeply, her relationship with her parents a large factor in this but Dan has a way of looking at everyone deeply and can see that even the most ordinary of person has an extraordinary tale to tell.

Port Lowdy it seems is a bed of underlying romance. Newcomer Remi has a secret to tell and whilst given a new opportunity in the local pub he is desperate to say sorry about what happened and find his one true love.

Penny has always lived in Port Lowdy, her actions when she was a young girl caused problems and since then she has never given her heart to anyone else. But after all this time is her heart only calling for one person?

This is a joyful book to read, the sparky relationship between Dan and Tressa is great fun albeit tinged with some sad moments which made me cry. All the characters had that something in their descriptions and actions that me want to read more, made me care or simply made me want to shout.

A well rounded book full of colourful characters and a cosy story to while away the days when we can all go and find our own love on Mermaid Terrace.


Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book. 

Finding Love at Mermaid Terrace is published on 4 February.