The Cornish Cream Tea Summer – Cressida McLaughlin

I wanted a second book, a sequel, a follow on to the Cornish Cream Tea Bus and I have got it in abundance with story.

Charlie now settled into her way of life in Cornwall serving the best cream teas in the area and with the added bonus of being able to also provide tours of the local area as you drink in not just the views but the tea as well.

Of course nothing runs smoothly and when Charlie’s cousin, Delilah descends on to Porthoglow and straight into life with Charlie and life on the bus it seems that the perfect existence might be a but unsettled for a while.

Delilah is running from something, but it seems to follow her all the time. Delilah likes to become all consuming involved in things and when she signs up the Cornish Cream Tea Bus to be part of on site catering for a new period drama then there is bound to be a few issues. Especially when she doesn’t check with Charlie first!

But Charlie gives her a chance and along with her rather interesting coffee concoctions, she feels safe to leave Delilah alone on the bus whilst she goes away.

Surely nothing can go wrong?

In the midst of he glitz and the glamour of working on a tv set, it seems Delilah has had her head turned and she may have inadvertently found her niche in life where she was least expecting it.

What she also didn’t expect to find was love?

These things don’t happen to Delilah it will all end in disaster, so Delilah needs to react quickly. Are her actions the right ones and can she really find the thing she has been hiding from all these years?

This is another mouth watering tale from Cressida who writes such honest and warm books filled with delightful characters and delicious food. There has to be more to tell from this bus and the lovely characters created in this and the first novel and I am thrilled that there is to be a sequel.


Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book. 

The Cornish Cream Tea Summer is out now. 


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