Finding Love at the Christmas Market – Jo Thomas

Connie caters for the local care home and she has made friends with this eclectic mix of elderly men and women. So much so that they are just invested in Connie’s happiness as they are in their own. Connie is trying to find love and after some rather disastrous mistakes it seems she has forged a burgeoning friendship with Hendrich online and now it is time to meet.

Thanks to Pearl, one of the care home residents it looks like Connie is about to do that and she can see if he ticks all the boxes.

However Connie did not expect to be bringing Pearl and the other residents on a trip to Germany to a Christmas market along with her on her first date. It all seems to be going well until Connie finds herself stuck between two different versions of Christmas, of two Christmas markets, Christmas memories and also Christmas romance.

Is having a list the right way to start a relationship?

As we see Connie and Hendrich on various dates, we also see how Pearl and the gang start embarking on all the things they miss and love about Christmas. It seems that one Christmas market has the answer when the other perhaps doesn’t have what everyone is looking for.

I immediately warmed to Connie and her care home residents. It was as if she was giving them an adventure all of their own whilst the one she was planning was not going the way she wanted it to. Hendrich was not the man that I was expecting and was willing Connie to see what I could as the pages went by.

Was I going to get a happy ending?

Ha! That would be telling and why would I want to ruin your own trip to the Christmas Market. If you go, make sure you choose the right one!

I am relatively new to Jo Thomas novels and if this is the quality of the writing and the development of the characters then I am going to spend many a happy day going back and reading all her earlier work.


Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book. 

Finding Love at the Christmas Market is out now.