Cathy’s Christmas Kitchen – Tilly Tennant

Cathy was able to bake before she could do much else. Always at her mother’s side she seems to have picked up all the recipes her mother made through osmosis and takes great joy in being able to share them with everyone she loves.

But now her mother is gone and Cathy faces Christmas alone for the first time, in bid to combat the loneliness, Cathy finds herself at a church coffee morning taking baked goods with her.

It is through her baking that Cathy starts to make new friends and they encourage her to use her skills that she has picked up from her mother for a better good.

That is how Cathy’s starts the cookery classes.

Through this she meets teenage Tansy, angry and full of attitude, she despairs as it seems the cookery classes are going to be over before they have even started thanks to Tansy.

Add into the mix, bickering church ladies trying to outdo each other, an ex who turns up with his new wife back in the village he did not like, and the man with the gorgeous hazel eyes and friendly dog, Cathy is all of a tizzy and is not sure which way her life is going to go.

Perfect Christmas reading with the right amount of romance and interest to keep you turning the pages, it really does warm you heart and I enjoyed it immensely. I was transported to the cottage of Cathy’s and wanted to live there myself and bake to my heart’s content and feel part of a community.

This is a real joy of a book to read – it would be even better if you read it whilst consuming the vast quantities of cakes that are mentioned, but then you might never get up off the sofa!


Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book. 

Cathy’s Christmas Kitchen is out now.