Us Three – Ruth Jones

This is the second novel from well known actress and screen writer Ruth Jones. A different take on women’s fiction than her first novel, but extremely enjoyable and captivating. In fact any nonsense about second books being notoriously difficult does not apply in this instance.

Having finished their A-Levels Judith, Lana and Catrin are about to embark on one of those life affirming moments when they take a trip to Greece to celebrate the fact that they have made it thus far and that their long standing friendship since the age of eight will last a life time.

But life has a funny way in playing out and sometimes those moments made when you are eight or eighteen are difficult to maintain throughout life. Especially when you thought it would be forever.

As the book goes on through key moments in all their lives, it is being told from the perspective of each of the girls as they become women, as they move between close friends and further distance. You move from feeling sympathy, to anger throughout the actions of the three women’s lives. I could relate so much to being the ‘third wheel’ in some friendships from my own past, if you can too, then this book is for you!

To say anymore will ruin it for all those who have yet to read it. This is a book full of strong female characters, with such depth and warmth you will think you have known them a lifetime. In fact you can relate to aspects of all of them and I think that is the key to making this an excellent book.

A book about friendships and about how they work and how they don’t. How life choices affect sometimes more than yourself and that sometimes life has a funny way of turning out.

Ruth Jones has this novel writing business cracked!


Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book. 

Us Three is published on 3rd September.