Autumn Skies over Ruby Falls – Holly Martin

Autumn always brings with it, the golden colours of the season’s coming to a close, of everything closing down in preparation for winter before something new and wonderful starts to emerge again in the spring.

It is almost as if Clover Phillips, one of the three sisters who owns the Sapphire Bay Hotel on Jewel Island, knows this. Back now on the island, having left her previous life and not being able to trust anyone she throws herself into her dance classes that have started at the Hotel not just for the guest but the locals as well.

As she sees her older sister Aria so wrapped up in love with Noah and her own twin, Skye battling the love and lust of a long distance relationship, Clover feels that to be able to move on she needs to break out of the fence she has put round herself.

What better way to do that than with a friend. Enter Angel Mazzo who we met in the first novel and who also happens to be Noah’s faithful, dedicated and hardworking assistant. Clover and Angel became friends very quickly.

Back for a while, Angel finds himself at the hotel when it is full and the only spare bed to be found is in Clover’s cottage. What can be wrong with two friends sharing a house?

But both Clover and Angel are starting to look at their life differently and it seems they be ready to change their friendship, their relationship and even themselves.

The book moves along at a step and you are immediately brought into life on the island as the Hotel starts to makes it mark for everyone. Halloween events are a plenty and give time for Clover and Angel to find out what each other are really like, without proper dates.

But surely proper dates are what Clover wants?

But the Angel doesn’t really do commitment does he?

Can friends ever move into other territory and can then ever go back?

As the seasons change and Autumn moves to Winter, Clover and Angel move towards a different future but will there be the happy ever after that Clover, Angel and of course the reader wants?

That would be telling of course – you will need to read the book!

This is another wonderfully romantic book from Holly Martin, which swept me away to another place. I fell in love with all the characters, I wanted to participate in the community fun for Halloween and the little mishaps along the way for all of the characters brought some much needed light relief.

Can be read as a standalone but you will more than benefit of reading the first in the series Sunrise over Sapphire Bay to get a real feel for the place as well as Clover and her sisters, Aria and Skye. I cannot wait to return because I can tell that Skye has a story to share and she definitely needs her happy ever after.


Thank you to the author who kindly provided me with a copy of this book in return for an honest review. I have received nothing in return and the only thing I give is the recommendation to read this book. 

Autumn Skies over Ruby Falls is out now. 

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