Starcross Manor – Christie Barlow

Back North of the border to the village of Heartcross and to meet the residents once again. If you have read the previous three in the series you will recognise some characters, but this book is easy enough to enjoy without that prior knowledge – though I recommend reading them as they are simply fab books!

Julia Coleman is the owner of the B& B and with her colleague Eleni they provide bed and wonderful full breakfasts to hill walkers and people passing through Heartcross as it has become more popular on the tourist trail thanks to the event of the previous books; floods and celebrities.

Everything is going well for Julia and with planning permission granted to extend her B&B her business is flourishing.

That is until she bumps into Flynn Carter – a face from the past and now the owner of Starcross Manor. Julia knows he should not be trusted but there is a chemistry between them and they seem drawn to each other.

When Julia finds out that Starcross Manor is not going to be a rest home but a luxury five star hotel, all she can see is that she was right not to trust Flynn Carter and that her business along with a number in the village are going to be affected.

Flynn is not out to cause trouble but when the renovations of the manor come to a sudden stop – it seems that the village has plenty to say about his plans.

Julia horrified at what she might have done, but when her livelihood is threatened and she has to rely on Flynn Carter to bail her out, she knows that she needs to forget the past and think about the future.

And just maybe Flynn is trustworthy and shouldn’t be judged on his past?

A book to devour in a couple of sittings as you are simply swept away with the loveliness of it all. Sometimes that is all you need with a book.

Knowing what you are getting with an author and story is sometimes so reassuring that it doesn’t matter what they write. However, with this author what she writes is always superb and deals with some real issues with care and tact.

I am off to pack by bags to visit Heartcross and I hope you pay a visit soon.

Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book.ย 

Starcross Manor is published on 14 August.ย 

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