The Hidden Wife – Joanna Rees

Vita Casey has made it to Paris after fleeing London and her brother.

She is trying to keep a low profile and becomes a dresser for the dancers in a cabaret club where her friend Nancy is performing. Always in Nancy’s shadow and seemingly picking up the pieces after her, Vita knows this is not the life she wants to lead in Paris.

Paris is where the fashion is and Vita’s life is about designing and creating clothes. Nancy’s life is one of late night parties, drink and drugs and it seems that Nancy is going to spiral down and Vita will not be able to help if she doesn’t do something more.

A chance meeting leads to Vita getting to venture behind the doors a Paris fashion house and she finds herself with the chance to finally get her designs out there and make a name for herself.

Back in Darton, England. Vita’s brother Clement has still not forgiven Vita for her actions and when his marriage throws up some interesting opportunities his new wife can see a way of the past being finally put behind them all.

Faces from the past come back to Vita and it doesn’t matter where she hides, someone will always find her – whether that be brothers, sister in laws, wives and long lost lovers.

So much is packed into the pages of this book, you get a real sense of the Paris of 1928, the lifestyle led by the up and coming ‘young things’. The live for this moment attitude and that money can buy anything, position, clothes, tables in clubs, yachts and women. Rees manages to remind the reader that actually not all lives were rich with wealth and position.

The book gives you plenty more questions to take you into the final part of the trilogy but I would strongly recommend you have read the first to really appreciate the story of this one.

Excellent historical fiction a must for all fans of this genre.

Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book.

The Hidden Wife is out now.