Escape to the French Farmhouse – Jo Thomas

Although I have seen this author’s name around before, this is the first time I have picked up one of her books to read and I was not disappointed. I will search out more by this author for the future.

Del and Ollie have moved to a rambling farmhouse in Provence, France. It has not worked in healing the gaping chasms in their marriage and after six weeks – they are due to return to the UK.

Expect in a whim, completely out of character Del decides to stay and watches as her husband drives away from their life.

Now all alone, Del is faced with starting her life again. What can she do? How will she pay for the house?

Del finds herself drawn to the friendly locals and has more in common with their lifestyle than the expats who have set up home and are trying to a piece of Britain abroad.

Upon finding an old recipe book she discovers that lavender was used extensively in cooking and tries out a few recipes. Encouraged by Fabian who runs the local antique come junk shop who provides her with more than just furnishings for her farmhouse. He introduces her to more locals and also to someone who can help her reinvigorated the lavender fields that once dominated the countryside.

Armed with new friends, a new outlook and a new project it looks like Del is staring to find out who she is in the backdrop of love, loss and lavender.

This book has everything you could possibly want – warm sunshine, the scent of lavender (if that is your thing), the mouth watering recipes created by Del and the food at the bistro, the joy of helping those less fortunate than yourself and the sharing of all of this to create a great summery read.

Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book.

Escape to the French Farmhouse is out now on kindle or in paperback on 6 August. 

Have you read any Jo Thomas? Which book should I go to next?