The Wife’s Choice – Emma Davies

Alys has just lost her job, her daughter, Esme is starting a new job in a fancy restaurant and her husband, Hugh has seemingly forgotten she exists as a person in her own right.

But a series of unconnected events result in an encounter with someone from Alys past – her first husband.

The man who had a horrific car accident and as part of his recovery when it looked like there was some hope, he told Alys to go – to start her life again.

Now her past is very much hurtling towards her present and it seems that the future of her life as well as her daughter’s is at stake.

Is it time to tell the truth? Is it time to break free from the lie and start a new life again?

The characters in this book got under my skin straight away. The seemingly passive actions of Alys made we want to scream, as in equal measure Hugh’s treatment and actions were controlling that you wondered where this book could possibly go and was Hugh going to get some sort of comeuppance and Alys a deserved justice.

But life is rarely that black and white, and Emma Davies give us a book full of family tensions and drama. It moves along at a good pace and kept me hooked and wanting to finish to see if perhaps there was a resolution that suited everyone.

Of course there are no winners and losers in such games when it involves peoples feelings and emotions, but the conclusion left a legacy – that there is always time to pursue what ever you want to do and that you should never be kept in the shadow of anyone. You have a choice and it is not always the wife’s choice – everyone in this book had a choice.

Emma Davies’ writing is addictive and all her novels are strong reads. They all have depth and emotion and this latest one is no exception.


Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book. 

The Wife’s Choice is published on 4th August. 

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