The Dublin Girls – Cathy Mansell

Dublin in the 1950s. Meet the Flynn girls.

Nell the eldest, training to be a nurse and with Liam her wonderfully caring and touching boyfriend in tow, she has her whole life set out before her.

Kate the middle child, bright and feisty, she should go far providing she finished her schooling.

Roisin, the youngest. Sickly and not flourishing.

When their mother dies, it is up to Nell to hold them all together.

Giving up nursing, working in a biscuit factory and trying to make any meagre earnings pay for the rent, the coal in their condemned tenements shows a harsh reality of life in 1950s Dublin,

When Roisin is admitted to the fever hospital and Kate decides she wants a better life, Nell finds she is struggling to keep everyone close. They only have each other and they really should stick together.

Nell vows to stay in Dublin until she can have all her sisters together with her again, with a heavy heart she sees Liam go to London to forge a new life. Will the sisters ever be reunited?

This book has everything you would want from a great read, characters, plot, setting, love, adversity, tragedy and heartache. There is a lot packed into the pages and if you have read Catherine Cookson novels in the past, then this book could easily be for you.

A wonderful example of historical fiction.


Thank you to the publishers via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book. 

The Dublin Girls is published on the 23 July