Summer at Rachel’s Pudding Pantry – Caroline Roberts

Since I met Rachel at Primrose Farm back last year, a lot has happened in that time, but it seems that everything is now coming together and her future is looking bright.

Rachel and the farmer from next door, Tom are to be married.

Plans are afoot for the wedding and we open with Rachel heading off on her hen weekend, with her best friend Eve, and her mum, Jill.

But as the days count down to the big day, it seems that everything is not going smoothly.

Questions between Tom and Rachel are left unanswered, the pain of missing her father gets to Rachel, her ex makes an appearance and then when the Pudding Pantry becomes the target of an online smear campaign it seems that this is not going to be a happy ever after that Rachel is looking for. Plus it seems Tom is having some doubts and not being honest with Rachel.

Of course it is all resolved with some interesting asides along the way, the wonderful creation of the dress, Eve’s marital problems and of course all the delightfully delicious puddings and cakes which are the real focus of the Pudding Pantry.

This is a great conclusion to a series of books which really brings everything together and sees a future ahead for Rachel and Tom. her mum Jill after the tragic death of her husband, Rachel’s father which brought Rachel back to Primrose farm in the beginning. And you really need to start at the beginning to appreciate this book.

It will give you a sense of place and charcter and a better undseatding of the main characters and how you come to be reading about the most delightful sumnmer wedding.

A book and series to simply devour just like the recipes inside it!

Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book. 

Summer at Rachel’s Pudding Pantry is published on 23rd July. 

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