A Wedding at the Beach Hut – Veronica Henry

When you can’t get away then you need someone else to weave a tale where you are swept away somewhere and you can guarantee the right place with Veronica Henry.

This is the fourth book to be set in Everdene and to feature the bright and colourful beach huts on the shore as well as the bright and colourful characters.

In this book we meet Robyn, laid back and confident in her work as a landscape gardener along with her boyfriend Jake. Life is taking some unexpected turns for them, with Robyn who is now cultivating their own baby and with Jake proposing it seems that everything is happening quickly.

Along with Robyn and Jake we have their families and friends who form part of a close knit community and all gather at Rocky’s beach hut every week to catch up.

Rocky is Jake’s father and brought up Jake and his brother Ethan when their mother, TIna left. Everdene was not the place for he, but it is certainly the place for Rocky and he thinks that perhaps there should a place for a relationship now in his life.

Robyn’s parents, Sheila and Mick are struggling to get by and with Robyn getting married and their younger daughter Clover soon to fly the nest it seems some changes are needed.

What makes this story something else and not your average women’s fiction is the background of Robyn. Robyn is adopted and she has never let it affect her until the moment she finds she is getting married and going to be a mother. Something changes within her and she wants to learn the truth of her birth.

And so as the story goes back to Robyn’s birth mother and we find out Robyn’s roots. However going back can affect the present and Robyn does not want to hurt anyone so she keeps it a secret with some resulting in some heartbreaking consequences.

Everyone’s lives are changing in Everdene and as they all get together for Robyn and Jakes simple wedding celebration at the Beach Hut, it is a chance to come together in love and laughter and friendship and know that they are about to move onto many more scary and exciting times together.

This book was so enthralling I devoured it, so captivated that it brought me to lovely happy tears. I could feel the sand beneath my toes, I wanted to sit outside the beach hut and look out to the water, to the waves coming and going and the sky changing with the weather. It would be the perfect place to read such a book as this!

This is such a feel good novel it leaves you with that warm hearted feeling long after you have finished reading it.

Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book. 

A Wedding at the Beach Hut is published on 28th May. 

You do not have to have read any of the other Beach Hut novels before reading this one. They are all standalone with the Beach Huts being the main feature in some way.