My Husband’s Lie – Emma Davies

Never go back, it is never the same. But Thea does exactly that, but she has no idea why it was never going to be the same, because she had no idea what had happened then.

When Thea spots her own childhood home up for sale, she realises that it is meant to be and she can now bring her family up in the same warm,loving home that she was. In a small town where her and her husband Drew were neighbours and childhood sweethearts.

But it seems that Thea is not welcomed like she thought she would be.

The house is perfect, everything she remembers including the secret hiding places, but outside of those walls it seems that the place has changed and it seems everyone is talking about her, avoiding her and trying to imply something.

Thea does not know what it is.

Until she finds something hidden, in one of her childhood hiding places.

An old yellow and faded newspaper article from not long before her family suddenly moved away.

Everything she thought she knew is wrong. Even her husband seems to know everything she doesn’t.

The memory of her childhood is shattered and Thea fights to make herself heard in a place where no one is listening. Perhaps they are not listening because what Thea says is all false. But surely the truth will out.

Only actions and time will see if people will understand, help and importantly listen and observe as to what is going on around them.

Sometimes the things closest to you are the hardest to see.

This is a marked change in direction for Emma Davies and one I was not quite so sure about. However her brilliant writing and narrative really hit home when it came to some of the more difficult topics. Bullying can happen at any age and it sometimes takes some radical action to understand the mentality and reasoning behind someone else actions. The contrast between childhood bullying and adult bullying really was an excellent way of reflecting how these things permeate our society in an easily accepted way without question.

My Husband’s Lie is a book which will take you on a journey through your emotions and you might need to hang on tight as you find out the truth.

Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book. 

My Husband’s Lie is published on the 9th April.