Triumph of the Shipyard Girls – Nancy Revell

Some series of books can be happily read out of order as they simply regurgitate much of previous books to pad out the new ones. Not so with Nancy Revell, I would actively encourage you to read them all in order as they follow on almost from the page of the last.

So here we are with book number eight. Polly is left behind as her husband, Tommy  goes back to fight in the war, but it seems she has a secret blossoming which means she will always have a piece of her Tommy with her at any time. More important now as they lose people very close to them.

Helen is still battling with her mother and the hold she has over Helen and the women welders in Thompson’s yard. Secrets can make you bitter and twisted and it seems that Helen has stumbled across another one and it seems her mother knows nothing about it.

Bel is enjoying working at the shipyard but it seems her mother Pearl, is not so keen. Is Bel trying to get to the truth about her heritage and it seems that someone else is also making connections. The past is about to come into the future for Bel and Pearl.

Rosie and her younger sister Charlotte, still dominate the storyline as Charlotte grows, gets older and understands more of the world she has many questions about Rosie’s work and friendship with Lily. What she discovers raises more questions than answers and sometimes it is best that some secrets are best left untold. Interestingly, we go further back into Rosie’s past to see what led her to the place she is in now and how Charlotte end up in boarding school and Rosie at Lily’s. This is what keeps the books and the plots fresh – there is always a new element to discover.

Through all of this, the regular characters feature as does the shadow of war and relentless bombing by the luftwaffe, which makes a mark on the area once again in the novel. Home are destroyed, ship production is set back but the Shipyard Girls somehow maintain there grace and warmth to see them through.

I have said before and will no doubt say again and again – this is a wonderful series of books. Women are at the heart of these stories, their strength whether it be playing their own role in fighting Hitler, fighting their demons, keeping the strength of love going during separation, keeping secrets, missing loved ones or just trying to simply manage day to day. The books are packed with so much.

I know at some point that this series will inevitably come to a conclusion, but until it does I am to go enjoy the books and keep telling you all about them.

Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read these books. 

Triumph of the Shipyard Girls is published on the 19 March. 

If you wish to read them all 

  1. The Shipyard Girls
  2. Shipyard Girls at War
  3. Secrets of the Shipyard Girls
  4. Shipyard Girls in Love
  5. Victory for the Shipyard Girls 
  6. Courage of the Shipyard Girls 
  7. Christmas with the Shipyard Girls
  8. Triumph of the Shipyard Girls