The School of Starting Over – Lisa Swift

Nell Shackleton’s dream is to live in a cottage in the countryside and be at one with nature and the community. And in some ways the purchasing of Humblebee Farm is that – she is at one with the nature the house does not have much of a roof and she is part of the community as she is the new Reception School teacher.

It seems that Nell has it all?

Xander Scott is the temporary Headteacher at the village school and he is battling his own demons alongside trying to deal with parents, new teachers and rather irritating school governors. Xander wanted more than village life but finds himself back there and suddenly he does not want to leave.

Is it something to do with Nell?

Stevie Blake her adorable daughter Millie and a mad dog called Red are the only things she needs in life, after having give up on love when she lost her wife. But something is eating away at Stevie and it seems that perhaps love could come knocking again if only she would deal with the past.

This book starts strong and builds all the characters up, you are immediately invested in them, you care about them or are simply irritated by them as is the case of school governor Ryan who clearly has something of the school bully still left in him.

Not only is this a book with a great community spirit, what better way to bring everyone together than a village school. But it has lots of romance, it has tragedy and contemporary issues. The actions of the past, present and potentially the future of some of the main characters makes it more than a fluffy piece of romantic fiction. The cover suggests one thing – you get much more in the pages of the book inbetween.

A great read which leaves you satisfied and your heart warmed. What more could you want from a book?

Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book. 

The School of Starting Over is published on the 9th March.