A Perfect Cornish Christmas – Phillipa Ashley

We were first in Porthmellow in the Summer and now we are back for Christmas and whilst all the characters from that novel are featured in this, they are not the main principle characters. I wasn’t sure where this book would go but I did not need to worry.

The book opens at Christmas, Scarlett and her sister Ellie thought it would be great idea to find out more about their heritage. It isn’t the present that any of them were wanting. With her family fractured Scarlett runs away from the house and ends up in the local pub for the “Lunch for the Lonely”.

Ellie as been trying to hold everything together and has been staying in Portmellow since that fateful Christmas. This is not the norm for her, she is usually travelling and moving on to the next place. However Porthmellow has captured her heart and it is not just the place. Can she finally stop searching and stop and see what she really has?

Scarlett knows she was not lonely on that fateful day and now she does not know who she really is. Determined to find the truth Scarlett returns to Porthmellow and stays with her sister.

However, what she does not realise is that she will become so involved in Porthmellow, the Winter Solstice Festival and even the locals themselves. How can she possibly find out the truth when there are too many distractions?

As Christmas comes into view again can Scarlett and Ellie perhaps forget about what has happened in the previous twelve months and move forward. Or is there going to be something else hiding amongst the presents under the Christmas Tree?

The book opens with the denouement almost and you are left reeling from the after effects of it all. There are as many questions as there are answers and I was surprised by the depth of this plot line from the author. Not in a negative way but positively. How families are broken up and brought back together through actions and simple reactions the background of Christmas always seeming to exacerbate the reactions.

Of course it is wonderful to be back in Porthmellow and the sense of the Cornish harbour at Christmas. It is as if I was there amongst the festival goers and eavesdropping on what was going on. The author has a way of making you feel part of the place she describes, part of the book.

A slight change from perhaps what you might expect but for me it simply added another layer to the book. I cannot wait to see where Phillipa Ashley might take us next.

Wherever it is I will be there.

A moving read which eases you into your Christmas reading with great settings and great characters which capture your heart. A must for any fan of Ashley’s other works or discovering for the first time. A perfect read Christmas or not!

Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book.

A Perfect Cornish Christmas is out now.