Starlight over Bluebell Castle – Sarah Bennett

This is the final book in the this trilogy set in Bluebell Castle. I have previously described the novels as Antiques Roadshow meets Downton Abbey, with added Chelsea Flower Show and now we are going to add in a Winter Wonderland.

Everyone is back from the previous novels, Arthur and Lucie Ludworth current Baronet. Constance, Lucie’s mother and Lancelot, Arthur’s Uncle. The ever dominate presence of Aunt Morgana and her wisdom, along with Iggy and Will forging a life in London now her work at the castle is done and of course youngest sibling Tristan who is the main feature of this novel.

Tristan once met a girl at a party, she happened to then work with him but some very cruel remarks from someone else set that girl on a different path and Tristan never knew why she didn’t come back. But now she has.

That someone is Jess Ridley.

Life has happened to Jess, excelling at her career in events planning she has fitted in a marriage to the best friend of her brother and two sons.

But now all of that has changed, she has left her job, her marriage is over and she is looking for what she can do next. With two young boys in tow that might be more difficult than she thinks.

In steps Tristan with an offer come to Bluebell Castle for a few months, help in launch his Winter Wonderland and take the time to decide on what is best for her and her young sons.

That would be simple, if Jess did not have some feelings for Tristan and Tristan did not have feelings for Jess. It could become very complicated.

But the residents of Bluebell Castle embrace all who enter it and take Jessica and her sons into their home and their hearts. I so wanted to turn up and be embraced and welcomed and left alone to join in or not as the whimsy took me. And that is the second idea that Tristan and Jess have, a house party for Christmas at Bluebell Castle.

Christmas brings its own magic and can Jess really see herself with Tristan if she could perhaps trust not just him but her own heart?

What an excellent finish to a trilogy that I so want to go back and visit, but now I have left I know that all is well, that life will go on and everyone has found their happy ever after and they can deal with whatever life throws at them.

An excellent Christmas read which captures so many wonderful elements of Christmas but the most important one – being with people you love and cherish. That is the best gift of all.


Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book. 

Starlight at Bluebell Castle is published on 4 November. 


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