Christmas with the Shipyard Girls – Nancy Revell

It doesn’t really matter that this book is a Christmas book, what matters is that I am back amongst the Shipyard Girls and I have been with them since the beginning. Sometimes it doesn’t matter if you read books out of series order, but to get the real benefit of this series I implore you to read from the beginning.

It is coming towards the end of 1942, Polly’s fiance has returned and is recuperating in hospital but not at the speed that he wants especially when all he wants to do is marry his sweetheart. Trouble is Polly suddenly seems reluctant, why would she not want the wedding she has always dreamed of?

Rosie’s sister, Charlotte is in Sunderland for good now. Trying to show her how tough life is in Sunderland and the threat of war has not worked on Charlotte and Rosie is resigned to the fact that she is goign to be a permanent fixture at home. How can Rosie keep her work at Lily’s a secret especially when Charlotte gets to know everyone quickly and ask a lot of awkward questions.

For Helen, once everyone’s enemy she is slowly being welcomed as a friend amongst the female welders. There are still plenty of secrets and Helen knows that the actions of her mother could upset a lot of people. But as she recovers from her own personal tragedy and her friendship with Dr Parker has its ups and downs, she recognises something in someone and she just cannot place what it is.

Of course we still hear all about Pearl, Bel and Joe, Gloria and Hope, Dorothy and Angie as well as the gentle soul of Hannah who starts to learn about what atrocities could be happening in Germany.

The shipyard is how all these women were brought together, where friendships as well as ships are forged and welded together and where all their strength is needed both mentally and physically to survive as the war rumbles along into 1943.

This is one of the best series of books I have read in a long time and is well written, well researched and deals with some tough subjects in such a sensitive manner that many a tear was shed in this particular novel.

Long may this author and these books continue!

Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book. 

Christmas with the Shipyard Girls is published on 31 October.


If you wish to read them in order:

  1. The Shipyard Girls
  2. Shipyard Girls at War
  3. Secrets of the Shipyard Girls
  4. Shipyard Girls in Love
  5. Victory for the Shipyard Girls 
  6. Courage of the Shipyard Girls 
  7. Christmas with the Shipyard Girls (review above)
  8. Triumph of the Shipyard Girls (March 2020)