The Gift of Happiness – Holly Martin

Holly Martin’s novels are a joy to read. So heartwarming and like receiving a great big hug all through the power of a few words on paper.

This book was no exception.

Back in the village of Happiness, first introduced in an earlier novel this year. From that novel Andrew and Willow are settled, and Willow’s friend Ruby decides to break away from her past and start again in Happiness.

She has only visited before but now Ruby wants to take up the opportunity to live and work there in return for a cottage and a shop. What better shop at this time of year than a Christmas shop. Ruby is all about Christmas.

However plans don’t get off to the best start when her intended shop is damaged and she finds herself next door to artist Jacob Harrington. They have met before and had made a lasting impression on each other.

This time though Ruby just wants to be friends. Jacob can cope with that, he thinks?

But fate, her friend Willow and many of the other residents seem to have other ideas.

Thrown into Christmas planning almost upon arriving in the village, it seems that Ruby and Jacob are destined to be pushed together despite their pasts and their secrets.

This is full on Christmas from the moment Ruby arrives and spots the nativity scene, I could see what was going to happen and chuckled my way through the book at this offshoot of the main plotline.

The course of anyone’s Christmas doesn’t always run smoothly and it seems Ruby’s is going to be the same. The book made me laugh, made me cry and made my heart sing with delight as I was immersed in the village of Happiness.

This is not your typical fluffy Christmas novel, it has some real issues and they are dealt with sensitivity and show how people need to move on, but perhaps have to do so at the right time and with the right support. Christmas somehow makes it all that more difficult and also special for everyone concerned.

Another great big hug of a book from Holly Martin and I think maybe there might be another visit to Happiness tucked away somewhere? I can live in hope.

A Five Sparkly Christmas Star read!

Thank you to the author who kindly provided me with a copy of this book in return for an honest review. I have received nothing in return and the only thing I give is the recommendation to read this book. 

The Gift of Happiness is out now


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