The Little Shop on Silver Linings Street – Emma Davies

Daisy did not have a happy childhood and when the chance to escape came, she got a job in Buchanans a jewellery shop and her love for the romance of jewellery and her secret passion for making it as well blossomed.

Daisy kept herself to herself and followed a routine that kept her grounded and focused. It was the only way to survive.

That is until the owner of Buchanan’s decides she is goign to retire and therefore leave the shop to one of her three sons. The successful one will be the one that creates a piece of jewellery for Daisy – to do this they need to get to know her.

Step forward Lawrence, Bertie and Kit. Each of them decided to take Daisy out in turn to try and find what would be the right piece for her. Ice skating, shopping in London and a simple meal are on the cards but will any of them find the right piece and will Daisy be able to survive three separate days out from the normal safe routine of her life.

Whoever wins it will change their lives forever and why must the piece be for Daisy?

This is another 5 star read from Emma Davies, with characters you will recognise from previous novels they are all there to bring forth the romance and the love that Daisy has for jewellery that is hand crafted and made for love from love and not one that costs cast amounts of money and is the largest and most sparkliest gem in the shop.

This was a lovely story and the plot pulled you right in and you within the first few pages card greatly about Daisy and how she came to be living the almost half life she was. It took someone to notice something in her that needed more nurturing, more caring and ultimately more love to show Daisy the life she could be living.

A feel good festive read that will keep you warm on the coldest of nights. Emma Davies has done it again and her books are a joy to behold at any time of year!

Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book. 

The Little Shop on Silver Linings Street is published on 16 October.