The Mitford Scandal – Jessica Fellowes

It is 1928 – Diana Mitford has turned eighteen and she has the whole world and society at her feet. The Guinness’ are holding a glamorous party where you need to be seen.

It is 1928 – Louisa Cannon is at the glamourous party too, not wanting to be seen as she supplements her meagre income as a seamstress with work as a maid at these parties.

On that fateful night many things happen-

A maid plunges to her death.

Bryan Guinness proposes to Diana Mitford and she accepts.

The maid’s death is recorded as an accident.

Diana and Bryan marry and embark on a honeymoon in Paris. But Diana wants to take Louisa Cannon away with her as her ladies maid. Louisa not keen but seemingly always drawn to the Mitford sisters as they grow agrees.

In Paris they are not alone, all societies up and coming people and some not so, including Evelyn Waugh as well as Diana’s own sister Nancy, still not yet married are also there.

Then another death occurs and Louisa cannot help that although two years have past since the death of that maid, there is something familiar about it.

Back in London, Guy Sullivan, now a Detective Sergeant is looking into the possible disappearance of a maid who was also at the party in 1928. His investigations take him to Paris as well. Is there a possibility of a link.

The third in the series, which combines fascinating fact with fiction – the murders luckily are all fiction but a number of the events covered in the book are based in truth, which is why I enjoy them immensely and the fascination keeps me hooked right to the end.

A captivating book which concentrates on Diana, the third Mitford sister, all of them are mentioned and Nancy and Pamela the two elder are more prominent than the younger ones. But this book really sees the character of Louisa Cannon our main protagonist in this series develop into a stronger character. Her detective and reasoning skills are developing as is her relationship with Guy Sullivan.

The book is well plotted, well written and totally in keeping with what you would expect from a Golden Age Mystery – I am sure at some point Poirot is going to appear!

I look forward to the next in this series and cannot wait to be totally immersed in this true and fictional world that Jessica Fellowes has wonderfully created. If they could be adapted into the small or even big screen I think it would be wonderful!

Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book. 

The Mitford Scandal is published on 24 September

The first two in the series are available now:

The Mitford Murders (Nancy Mitford)

Bright Young Dead (Pamela Mitford)


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