The Fire House on Honeysuckle Street – Rachel Dove

Way back in 2016 I found, reviewed and shouted about Rachel Dove’s first novel set in Westfield – The Chic Boutique on Baker Street. I hoped then that she would return and she has many times and here is her latest (I have caught up with all those in between).

Lucy has gathered her son Xander up and is heading back to Westfield to see her Aunt Marlene. Lucy can no longer cope with the family situation in London. Iain her husband just sees her as cook, cleaner and laundry woman and their son is simply an embarrassment.

Lucy and Xander board the train north.

Sam, having been involved with the birth of a new resident in Westfield decides that he wants to return there. He knows little of his past and now finds he needs to some answers before he could possibly move forward. So packing up his life in London he waves goodbye to the intense work of a firefighter in the capital and opts for a more rural fire station.

Sam boards the train north.

As they sit opposite each other on the train, little do they know that they are all going to need each other as the book goes on.

In Westfield, the local ladies who are hilarious have already decided the answer to Lucy’s problems – Sam. It is just how the go about it without them knowing and whether they will be successful.

This is a real slow burn of a romance, whilst Sam sweeps Lucy off her feet on more than one occasion it is the patience and tender care he takes with her son Xander which pulls at the heartstrings. No life is uncomplicated and Lucy whilst she brings the baggage of a failing marriage she is putting her heart into raising her autistic son. This is written with such brutal honesty that you know the author knows exactly what she is talking about.

Whilst there are some real tender moments, there are also some laugh out loud ones and the book is so well balanced your heart will melt just a little bit. As for me well I am in love with Sam and now waiting for him to come and sweep me off my feet.

A great feel good read as all of her previous Westfield novels are.

Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this novel. 

The Fire House on Honeysuckle Street is out now. 

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