The Cornish Cream Tea Bus – Cressida McLauglin

Preferring to read these serialised novels as a whole, I have patiently waited for this one to be published.

Charlie Quilter loved spending time with her Uncle Hal on his Cotswold Tour Bus, an Old Routemaster which he used to meander through the Cotswolds with, giving tourists funny and interesting tours.

When he dies and leaves the bus to Charlie, she knows she has to keep his memory alive and use the bus to its full advantage. Drawing on her experience as a baker at the local café, Charlie thinks she can bring the cafe to the bus and then take it on tour.

After a false start in the Cotswolds, her friend Juliette invites her down to Cornwall, to rest, grieve for her Uncle and also heal from her recent breakup.

Charlie packs up the bus and with her little dog Marmite she heads to Cornwall. Not one to rest on her laurels, she throws herself into the start of serving cream teas upon the bus. Being an outside in Cornwall and “emmet” if you will, she has an uphill battle to fight and not just the ones she drives on.

A big red bus, parked up outside a posh spa hotel isn’t what the owner Daniel Harper wants his residents to see.  Clashing with Charlie over the coming days about her ideas for the local seaside village, myths about mermaids, crumbling cliffs and plenty of local gossip makes for an interesting times ahead.

I loved the way that the bus was brought to life and I had my heart in my mouth when Charlie was making her journey around some of the twisting lanes of the countryside as well as the wonderful coastal positions. Full of warmth and romance and a sense of community coming together to give other people a great time. A selfless way of joining in with society.

This book left me wanting a sequel – there has to be more to this story… what is going to happen at Christmas there??? Mince Pies on the Cornish Cream Tea Bus?

Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book. 

The Cornish Cream Tea Bus is out now.

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