The Beekeeper’s Cottage – Emma Davies

Emma Davies has done it again with a book which captures you from the start, where you can hear the hum of the bees working in their hives, you can feel the tension that emanates from the cottage and you can feel the love that is clearly everywhere to be had.

Grace, who we meet first in The House at Hope Corner as Flora’s closest neighbour is the main protagonist in this story. You do not need to have read this book to enjoy the story but I knew from prior reading that Grace’s life was a difficult one and she had been in the shadow of her husband for a very long time. Her beekeeping was her life.

Grace decided that her life needed to change and getting rid of her philandering husband, a local TV celebrity whilst being one of the toughest decisions and hardest to make – it is in fact the aftermath which is going to prove even more of a challenge.

Grace’s husband, is not going to go quietly and therefore to make the most noise he wants to take the cottage that has been grace’s home and sanctuary for many years.

Grace has a battle on her hands and she is prepared to fight.

But she is not prepared for the appearance of a wandering stranger who pitches up at the Flower Farm next door to help Flora and who suddenly develops an interest in beekeeping.

Amos, handsome, in curious bright red Doc Martens and an air of Mary Poppins about him – there when needed and gone when not, has a past which he is clearly running away from. But Grace has done something to him and it looks like perhaps Amos has finally found to a place to stay.

Of course this book is full of romance, but this is steeped in tragedy from difficult pasts that need laying to rest until new futures can be created. Emma Davies does it so subtly that you are so invested in these characters it is almost heartbreaking to stop reading about them and their lives.

An excellent summer read, full of warmth and the sweet taste of honey. Highly recommended and I would love to revisit these characters at some point.

Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book. 

The Beekeeper’s Cottage is published on 6th August.