Hattie’s Home for Broken Hearts – Tilly Tennant

Hattie is back in her home village of Gillypuddle, Dorset somewhat with her tail between her legs.

Her wonderful life in Paris has come to an abrupt end and she has had to move back into her parents house who although are welcoming still feel that Hattie is making all the wrong choices and that she should start her education again and get a proper job.

Hattie is still in the shadow of her sister Charlotte and her parents will never let her forget it, Charlotte despite her death is still very much the favourite and it hurts Hattie.

To find a life of her own and some independence, Hattie seeks refuge in a job at the local Donkey Sanctuary nearby on Sweet Briar Farm, it all sounds idyllic apart from the owner, Jo who is taciturn and has no contact with the rest of the village until Hattie appears in her life.

Hattie falls for the donkeys, the vet and a news reporter and it seems the choices she makes are going to affect Jo as much as herself.

Hattie and Jo it turns out have more than the love of donkeys in common and whilst they both struggle with the truth they are going to need to work together to help the most important thing – the donkeys.

This is a story which will have you laughing, the secondary characters – both human and animal are amusing. The crying comes when you least expect it but who knew you could care so much about donkeys in a fictitious sanctuary? That is all because the story is beautifully written when it comes to dealing with loss and the guilt of those left behind. The romance is very much a secondary plot line for me in this book.

There is real depth to this book and it will probably surprise you as it did me. Not what I was expecting and for that I was most grateful. A great read.

Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book. 

Hattie’s Home for Broken Hearts is published on 10 July. 


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