Secrets and Seashells at Rainbow Bay – Ali McNamara

For single mum, Amelia and her son Charlie times are really hard. Charlie misses his old school friends when they had to move and Amelia is trying desperately to keep everything together with very little money and prospects.

That is until someone comes to tell her that Amelia and in fact Charlie are the sole descendants of the Chesterford family and they have in fact inherited a castle.

Whilst it may well be the answer to all their financial worries it isn’t going to be easy as the caveat for inheritances means you have to live and work within the castle walls and grounds to maintain it.

So for what she hopes is the final time, Amelia uproots Charlie and they go to live in Chesterford Castle on the Northumberland Coast where the beach is a stone’s throw away.

However, Chesterford CAstle seems to be lacking visitors and the exhibits aren’t exactly inspiring and so much more could be done with the place, Amelia realises she has a tough job on her hands.

She also has to convince the incumbent staff, butler Arthur and his wife Dorothy, the Cook. Tiffany the administrator, Joey the general hand plus a few that have yet to make themselves known to Amelia.

But she tackles the castle and her future with aplomb but of course she is going to face some difficulties along the way; ghosts, diaries, ex husbands, new boyfriends, cameo brooches and a possible threat to her new found inheritance. All of it is weaved together in this wonderful book.

I have often dreamed about living in a castle and it was by reading this book my dreams were coming true. The history fascinated me as well as the present and I adored all the whimsical features of the castle as wella s the characters!

A great read and another excellent book from Ali McNamara who seems to be getting better with every book I read. Excellent storytelling and all so believable! I would love to return to the castle and see how they are getting on.

Thank you to netgalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read this book. 

Secrets and Seashells at Rainbow Bay is published on 27 June.