A Walk in Wildflower Park – Bella Osborne

Originally published in four individual parts, this is the novel in full and in my opinion the best way to read it.

Anna’s life takes a massive turn when she is dumped by her fiance and then moves to a house on the edge of Wildflower Park. A private park for residents and one only accessible by key and location of house.

Determined to concentrate on her career, Anna wants to put all thoughts about men out of her head. That is until she literally bumps into her new colleague and then starts getting mysterious flirty texts from a random stranger.

It seems that Anna is not going to be able to avoid men, but it also means she is going to have to face the past that she has also been avoiding.

Sophie, Anna’s neighbour, colleague and closest friend is frustrated with being a mum and a wife and no one is treating her as Sophie. Pregnant with her third and dealing with all sorts of problems, Sophie makes some radical choices and tries to show how much she does.

I was unsure of where this story could go and whether it would take the all too  familiar path and whilst you could say on the surface it does. Bella Osborne makes her characters face their fears. She handles the sensitive issues with tact and confidence and you feel time and thought has gone into the portrayal and how the characters and ultimately the readers will react.

This is a really strong book with characters who are relatable, humourous and who you can not just sympathises but also empathise with.

A story of the strength of friendship and how no matter how wild life gets – your friend will be the flower you always rely on to keep blooming.

Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book. 

A Walk in Wildflower Park is published on 27 Jun

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