The Northern Lights Lodge – Julie Caplin

Here I am travelling the world again with Julie Caplin. This time Iceland, somewhere I have always wanted to visit, even more so having read this book!

Lucy takes a short-term contract at The Northern Lights Lodge a hotel in Iceland. It seems the perfect place to escape the gossip about why she was sacked from her previous high-flying hotel job in Manchester. Lucy finds herself in the middle of a snowy nowhere. Nothing is within walking distance apart from snow, glaciers and on occasion the Northern Lights.

Almost trapped in this hotel with a bunch of locals who seem rather crackers, the receptionist, the housekeeper, the chef and a gorgeous looking barman who comes from Scotland. Lucy finds that the best way to manage them all is to embrace the running of the hotel and bring it back to the place it was.

Trouble is there is something working against her. Could it be the fairy folk that the locals say or is it more to do with the locals themselves. Is everyone who they really say they are? Is anyone else hiding at this lodge and are their reasons legitimate?

When a film crew arrive for another “behind the scenes” series, Lucy tries her very best to make sure that there is nothing for them to see. Even the Northern Lights don’t come out for them. More importantly she doesn’t want to be seen on film again……

Falling in love with the place and maybe the barman might not seem like a good idea when you are only there temporarily but the place has got to Lucy as it did to me. I can see myself waking up to the snow described scenery from the bedroom window. Embracing the hot chocolate round the open fire and the wonder of the Northern Lights when they appear. Some eccentric staff sound the best form of entertainment in such a far away place.

What will happen to Lucy when everyone finds out why she left her last job and will her fame mean she never gets to work again? Or will her passion for her job and the people she works with mean she is sought after as a hotel manager once again……

I really enjoyed this book, a perfect escape and really cosy – perfect for dark dreary days – made everything much cosier!

Thank you to the publisher and netgalley for the opportunity to read this book.

The Northern Lights Lodge is out now. 

Next place to visit is Croatia and that is in July.

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