The Summer of Chasing Dreams – Holly Martin

Eva is a homebody, she works from home as a designer and has no need to interact with many people beyond her small group of friends and her aunt. She doesn’t feel she needs to experience the world any further than her doorstep.

Her mother on the other hand was a free spirit and had a desire for adventure but she couldn’t fulfill these dreams when she fell pregnant with Eva. Leaving behind a list when she dies, Eva makes the momentous decision to go to the places and do the things that she never got to do.

With no experience of travelling or the world and with the money her mother left her, Eva opts for a guide to show her all these places.

Thor Anderson was not the person Eva wanted as her guide – she opted for a female for a start. But when a last minute change, meant Thor was to join her, it looks like Eva is going to experience a different sort of holiday. The room requirements are certainly going to have to change.

Not getting off to the best of starts, the arrogance of Thor soon changes for someone much more thoughtful and caring and he encourages Eva to make her own list of dreams to go alongside her mums.

Writing home to her mum through various postcards, we travel with Eva across the world. Some places like Paris and Amsterdam we see in depth, others are merely the postcards home to move the story along. The author could have stretched the story out at each stop Eva makes, but a good author knows to keep the reader interested and engaged and Holly Martin does this with aplomb in this novel. I felt drawn into the novel straight away and was swept away with the romance of the travel.

As for the romance for Eva well that starts interestingly when Thor proposes to her at the Eiffel Tower but will one of Eva’s dreams become a reality?

As someone who can relate to Eva and her little safe world, this book was a joy to read as she discovers the world, her past and her future on this trip. There are some laugh out loud moments contained within these pages as well as some heart melting and tear jerking ones. I liked Thor from the off, there was something vulnerable about his arrogant manner, but I think Eva was just as good for him as he was for her.

This is an excellent book for those who want to go on holiday vicariously and enjoy a bit of romance. A perfect holiday read whichever way you read it – at home or on your own travels!

This is lovely standalone novel is a great reflection of Holly Martin’s other work which are based centrally in one place with a number of characters who all interact and have wonderful stories to tell. It was a great change to see Holly take us on some travels and I hope she had fun when she researched the book! 

Thank you to the author for the advanced copy of this book to read which I chose to do voluntarily and my review was not influence in anyway by this.

The Summer of Chasing Dreams is published on Kindle on 29th March. Pre Order your book here