The Newcomer – Fern Britton

When Angela Whitehorn arrives in Pendruggan she wants to make an impact. She is only going to there for a year and she wants to make a success at her first job.

Angela Whitehorn likes to be called; Angela, Reverend Whitehorn or Vicar. Because that is who she is – she is to take on the parish of Pendruggan when the current incumbent Simon, his wife Penny and daughter Jenna go to Brazil.

With her handsome husband Robert and teenage daughter Faith, Angela hopes she has all the support of her family as well as the new friends she hopes to make. When her Aunt Mamie becomes a fixture at the vicarage as well and embracing village life wholeheartedly, her year in Pendruggan seems a positive move.

She has new ideas for the village, empowering women through other means than the rigid structure of the WI, a pet blessing service and being there for people who need her help, spiritually or otherwise. Having been through a tough time herself, Angela wants to share her experiences and pass on what she has learnt.

Unfortunately there are others who think Angela is not the right person for the job and should go back from whence she came. When the letters start it seems as if this quiet Cornish village is not so quiet after all. But who is sending them? I had my suspicions and I so wanted it to be one person, if only for them to get their comeuppance – they did but for very different reasons! The culprit well I didn’t see that coming but how upsetting it was.

This book whilst being jam-packed full of Cornish weather and scenery that leaps off the page and paints a picture of the grey skies as well as the blue ones. Also deals with some serious and not so serious subjects in a sensitive and well thought out way. Cancer, abuse, drugs, jealousy, friendship, witches and curses are all covered in this book.

Personally I would like to have known a bit more about how Simon and family were tackling life in Brazil but that was just me. The story has enough to keep you reading and also embraces the village of Pendruggan and it’s inhabitants and if this is the first time you have visited then go back and read the others and find out what a real sense of community can mean to some people.

I do hope Fern Britton returns to Pendruggan again.

Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book. 

The Newcomer is published on 7th March.