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February Roundup

Yes we have just had February and even if the weather was very spring if not summer like I can confirm that February is still in winter!

Back to more inclement weather for the UK as I compose this post. As for my reading well the seasons did play a small part.

Cathy Bramley – A Vintage Summer new novel for 2019 is a delight. I dived right in without even reading the blurb on the back. You just have to do that with some authors, you can have confidence in their writing,their plot and their characters. This did not disappoint and took me right into the vineyards and Yorkshire!

If I was too hot in the summer there was no need, because a trip to Iceland was the perfect place to cool down in Julie Caplin – The Northern Lights Lodge. Where I experienced, waterfalls, ice climbing and friendship in abundance. Oh how I want to go myself and see it all.

Having holidays vicariously through books is a pleasure many get and so was the case with Holly Martin – The Summer of Chasing Dreams where I went round the world with Eva and her hunky tour guide Thor.

Some people chose to holiday closer to home and you can find no better place than Cornwall where I went on more than one occasion. Holly Hepburn – The Picture House by the Sea was a lovely book and if you are a fan of those great old films then you will relish how Gina brings an old cinema back to life along with an old romance too.

I went back to Pendruggan, the fictional setting for Fern Britton – The Newcomer, where many a book has been set and we see the temporary female vicar make her present felt in this Cornish village.

Going back to familiar places is the same as going back to familiar authors which is why I picked up Trisha Ashley – Written from the Heart, very different from her most recent work. In the spirit of completeness I wanted to read this book previously published as Happy Endings.

A rather romantic, women’s fiction dominated month and whilst I fitted in some historical fiction this was still very strongly female dominated. Natasha Solomons – House of Gold – Greta Goldbaum is the main female character and behaves in a way not becoming of a Goldbaum wife or mother. Times are changing for the Goldbaums.

Without a doubt, at the moment my favourite saga series is the Shipyard Girls. I was lucky enough to get the latest book Nancy Revell – Courage of the Shipyard Girls. It is 1942, the war is still on and it is starting to directly affect the Shipyard Girls and becomes rather too close for comfort. Whilst the bombs rain down, the malicious actions of some will have some nasty consequences. I cannot wait until the next part is out.

Not bad for February…bring on March with more days for reading!