The Pet Shop at Pennycombe Bay – Sheila Norton

Jess spent many a holiday in Pennycombe Bay but now she is back to live there.

But life is not perfect for Jess, whilst she enjoys her job at the local pet shop, she is living with her cousin Ruth who is hiding a secret and takes a dislike to Jess’ dog Florence.

Jess gets involved in the local community and she meets a variety of different characters along the way,

Jim, her boss is kind to her but is also fussing and worrying over Vera, who having lost her dog has no reason to come and see Jim in the shop, that is until she has a nasty fall.

Nick and his dog Buddy become friends of Jess and of course Florence, but also of her cousin Ruth and it makes for some awkward conversations and moments, until Nick loses Buddy. Jess realises even more she doesn’t need a man in her life, Florence is just enough.

Tom pops into the pet shop for supplies and starts to chat with Jess, when he reveals that his son, Jacob is struggling in school and that they used to have a dog go in for the children to read to, Jess senses another opportunity to do good.

Getting involved with Pets as Therapy at the local hospital and school, mean that Jess can spend more time with her dog and also other people. Her small circle is now widening and Jess is embracing life a lot more in Pennycombe Bay.

With all this going Jess stills very shy and worries about the future. When she learns something about the past, perhaps she can now move forward and start talking to someone else more often than the dog Florence!

This is an enchanting book which has some great characters and includes the pets as much as the human in all the interaction. A perfect book for anyone that loves pets as well as feel good community storylines that remind you that there is a choice in being lonely or not.

Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book.

The Pet Shop at Pennycombe Bay is published 21 February 2019.