December Roundup

That’s it then – all done for 2018!

Of course to keep in with the rest of this blog structure, I of course have to do a December Roundup Post. So without further ado….

I sort of lost my reading mojo a bit in December, probably because it is a fully packed and busy 3 weeks before I have time off work and it is a case of sleep,swim,work,eat and repeat for a number of the days with added socialising as well.

But of course I did read some books and I have a head start on 2019 with Carole Matthews – Happiness for Beginners a real delightful book to brighten the greyest of days. And behind with last years reading and probably my last Christmas Book for 2018 was the lovely signed, hardback copy of Carole Matthews – Christmas Cakes and Mistletoe Nights where I revisited previous characters and it was like reading about old friends – I just hope that there is more to come from these particular characters.

Getting ahead again with 2019 (I will soon get behind) took me to Sheila Norton – The Pet Shop at Pennycombe Bay. It was back last year that I picked up a Sheila Norton novel and they seem to always have a few pets at the heart of the story and are a delight to read.

I have spent probably a greater part of this years reading with commercial women’s fiction but I do like historical fiction and should I know probably read more of it. Being transported abroad and to another time is almost like an adventure but with Jennifer McVeigh – Leopard at the Door it was rather a frightening eye opener as I learnt about the Mau Mau.

Sometimes I miss out on the big books the books that everyone is reading about and talking about which is how I was passed Joel Dicker – The Truth about the Harry Quebert Affair. I knew nothing of heard anything about it – set in America and a translation as well I was hooked and could see the fascination and it kept reading well into the night. As for the TV adaptation I am not a subscriber to SKY so it has passed my by, but probably the old adage is appropriate here – the book is always better?

Finding the start of a series is always frustrating when you have to wait what seems an age for the next part and no more so than with Jessica Fellowes – Bright Young Dead, the second of the books using the Mitford Sisters as characters and focusing on real events woven into the stories. It was a book I thoroughly enjoyed but strongly felt you needed to have read the first book to get any sense of a greater part of the first third of this. I hope the subsequent novels are not like this.

Adam Kay – This is Going to Hurt was a recommendation picked up from a friend, I spotted it on my 6 monthly (who am I kidding?) book buying spree in Waterstones, read a paragraph, chuckle loudly, bought the book, the assistant told me it was hilarious and I pretty much started reading it as soon as I got home. Black Humour – we all have it our places of work, I certainly do but I don’t think it would translate well into a book – this on the other hand does. The secret diaries of a now former Junior Doctor, a great insight to the medical world and people! They are all out there!

So that was December, I close the year reading a saga from Jennifer Wells who I discovered in 2018. I have plenty to keep me going in 2019 and I will of course bring you a round-up of 2018 in the coming days.

In the meantime – Happy New Year!


One thought on “December Roundup

  1. It might interest you to know that “This is going to hurt” is going to be on TV soon, but am pretty sure it will be on one of the terrestrial channels, rather than Sky or a subscription channel. I am still reading it, and trying to resist the temptation to start Michelle Obama’s biography, which was a Christmas present from my husband.

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