The Disappearance – Annabel Kantaria

Audrey plans a once in a lifetime cruise around the Greek Isles as a 70th birthday present to herself. She asks that her two children – Lexi and John to come away with her.

Lexi and John reluctantly accompany her. But when she goes missing they then start questioning the relationship they have with each other, their deceased father and their mother.

Intriguingly we know that Audrey is missing right from the first page of the book – as we read on we are waiting until we get to that point in the story.

In dual time narrative, we are taken back to another ship and another time. One where Audrey is bound for India, where she meets the man who becomes her husband. When the world and its values were a very different place.

How does Audrey’s past have anything to do with the present and possibly the future?

I found this novel riveting, not just the background to Audrey who I felt sorry for from beginning to end but the well drawn characters of Lexie and John. Lexie has poured her heart and soul into wanting a child. That is her main focus, so much so that it is eating away at her relationship with everyone. My opinion of her changed as she tried to deal with her own personal grief as well as that of looking after an aging mother.

John on the other hand, I disliked from the start and nothing he did made me feel any different. Working himself into an early grave no doubt and trying to maintain a facade that was slowly crumbling. But the hope of an inheritance when his mother dies……

So when did Audrey go missing on that cruise and the ultimate question – did she jump or was she pushed?

There is only one way to find out and that is to read the novel.

Thank you to the publisher and netgalley for the opportunity to read this book. Even if it has taken me a while!

I had not heard of this author before and certainly would be interested to see what else she has written. 

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